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Short Story Reveals: The Traffic Source That Changed My Life After I Was Banned From Advertising On Google Adwords

From The Desk Of Michael Bashi
Last Updated: June 2016
Dear Friend;

On Christmas Morning of 2010 As I Was Celebrating Christmas With My Family In Toronto Canada, I Received This "Gift/Email" From Google Adwords


To say that I was going crazy and had the worst Christmas in my entire life is putting it lightly.


Going from having a consistent flow of traffic coming in on autopilot generating...

  • 500 targeted visitors per day
  • 260 leads per day
  • 45+ sales per day at $197 ($8,865/day in revenue per day)

Down To ZERO In Less Than 24 Hours However This Is Not About Me.....

Since then, I have gone on to search for every single alternative PPC traffic source I can find and I tried many, spending close to $20,000 on ad spend with several ppc traffic networks but unfortunately.....

They Just Did Not Have The Quality Traffic I Was Looking For UNTIL....

I discovered what I like to call "The Best Adwords Alternative" which I grew to love way more than Adwords.

Let Me Hold Your Hands And Show You How To Get Unlimited Quality Traffic From This PPC Network And FINALLY Put YOUR Traffic "Dry-Spell" To Bed Forever.....

Here Are Some "Stats For Geeks" Of This Amazing PPC Traffic Network Reported:

  • This PPC network is responsible for 6+ billion searches a month Reported:

  • This PPC network giant steals 5% of Google searches in the US every year
  • Traffic is much cheaper than Google Adwords
  • Users from this traffic network spends 21.5% more than the average user on any other traffic network or search engine

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