Most Common Mistake Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertisers Make

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Most Common Mistake Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertisers Make.

Since 2013 of teaching effective ways to structuring a conversion-driven PPC strategy; this one mistake I see time and time again that most of my students were making before applying the SIM method.

I am sharing this with you in hopes it would dramatically help you out with your current PPC traffic campaign.

Usually most advertisers starting out with PPC, they study and focus on bidding on the right keywords and writing an OK to a good ad copy depending on how long they’ve been writing copy and how experienced they are.

This is all great however it does not end there. The mistake I always see advertisers make is the connection between the ad copy and the landing page.

Here is what I mean..

You need to understand; advertising today needs to always be executed for a specific purpose. Whether it’s on PPC or Social.

So when someone searches for your keyword and finds your ad, you need to comprehend the fact that reading your ad means you already engaged in a conversation with your prospect in hopes to reach the desired outcome of your ad.

So the content of your ad puts your potential visitor in a specific context and frame of thought. Which is great.

Now the main key at this point is sustaining and continuing this context of the conversation that the ad copy communicated, by carrying this conversation forward to your landing page.

This right here is where majority of advertisers go wrong before they came to me and learned all about The SIM Method.

And where they go wrong is usually with their ad copy as it has nothing to do with the landing page they are sending visitors to.

Then they wonder why their conversion rates are at an all time low.

Let me give you an example in hopes it would shed a light and help you out in the future.

So I teach a FREE masterclass about ppc advertising that I call The SIM Method.

it's a ppc marketing method I created that is all about being ultra targeted and specific with your messaging to harness the highest ROI possible.

In this free masterclass I use this example about “Red Running Shoes”

So let’s assume you have an online ecom store that sells “Red Running Shoes”.

By the way this example applies regardless what you’re selling physical products, digital products, coaching, ecom, or online courses. The SIM Method can be applied across the board.

So typically if you want to run ppc ads to drive traffic and sell “red running shoes” then typically you would bid on the keyword red running shoes as this is as targeted as you’re going to get.

And let’s assume your ad copy is also great and talks all about “red running shoes”

However at this point when someone clicks the ad and arrives to the landing page, they usually arrive at either:

The official homepage of the website that showcases different shoes the website sells or...

They are taken to a page on the website that presents dozens of different shoes, colors, styles and brands.

Here is why this is wrong:

Your prospect was looking for red running shoes and they were specific about it from their keyword search.

So by giving the prospect too many options on your page that are irrelevant to their searched keyword, you will end up causing them confusion; and throwing them off the path of communication you built with them through the keyword search, and the ad copy.

Because at this point, the landing page is not conveying the same message that the keyword or ad copy conveyed prior to entering your landing page.

At this point; you will either cause your prospect to leave your landing page or decrease their chances of buying from you.

How do you fix this? Well it is simple. Take your prospect to the specific page on your website that sells “Red Running Shoes”. Where everything your landing page talks about is red running shoes without any other distractions.

This way the keyword search, ad copy, and landing page are all aligned communicating the exact same message.

In return; this can increase engagement rates, quality scores, providing better user experience, and ultimately better website conversions.

So if you like to learn The SIM Method in extreme detail then all you have to do is signup for my free masterclass.

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