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Here is another video giving you yet another tip on PPC advertising. My goal for these videos is to help you as much as possible so you can have better PPC campaigns running for you.

Before I begin please understand that these videos I release are only information from my own experience based on results I have gotten and my students have seen as well.

As I always say; PPC is not a one size fits all situation. No one can tell you exactly what to do that is guaranteed to work every time.

This is why I provide you with so much information so this way you have a solid background of how the world of PPC works so you can make better advertising decisions.

As always, test my stuff out and let me know how it works for you.

This video is about “Keyword Bidding”. I get asked the following questions a lot which are:

  • Mike am I bidding too much on keywords?
  • Mike can I get the same traffic I am getting now if I was bidding less on keywords?
  • Mike how do I scale my campaign if I am happy with the current results?
  • Mike how do I know when to stop increasing my keyword bids?
  • Mike how often should I increase my keyword bids?

And these questions go on and on lol.

So please watch this video, and I hope my experience serves you greatly. Wish you nothing but the best..

Again, let me know your thoughts.

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