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Short Term, & Long Term Goals:


  • As soon as you start applying the Bing Ads Mastery training and using the SIM method; you will have a highly targeted, pay per click campaign that get you daily traffic, lead conversions, and new customer sales. By applying the SIM method, you can be rest assured that you are targeting your right audience, who are actively looking for what you’re selling.


Well, You Have A Hand In It As Well. Keep Reading...

Let' be honest, whether you are selling your own product or service, part of an MLM, business opportunity, looking to recruit prospects into your downline, or you're an affiliate marketer... Whatever you're selling needs to be GREAT. It's your JOB to make sure of that.

The Bing Ads Mastery By OwnPPC training and in conjunction with using the SIM method; will significantly help you position your already great product/service in the market place. By using the SIM method, you will ensure you are specifically targeting the right people who have the intent of investing in your business. Which will in turn increase conversions, decrease your cost to acquire a customer; avoiding useless non-converting traffic; hence you will be able to rapidly scale your business using the SIM method.


  • Once your PPC Campaign i perfectly setup and converting at the scale you desire; it is then easy to duplicate your campaign across all other PPC networks. At this stage the goal is to dominate your market and become the sought after leader in your industry. Let’s face it; being the dominant competitor in your industry just means you’re the one getting the most traffic, leads, and sales. It means anywhere your potential customer looks, they will always find you first. This is what the SIM method is all about.
  • At this point it is also time to go social… by using the Facebook Ads training to start targeting your potential customers on social media using the SIM method.

All I Ask Is You Take What I Teach You Seriously And Give It The Fair Effort It Deserves! I Promise You're Going To Be Just Amazed!!! <—“This is Your part”


I'll Put My Money Where My Mouth Is:

And This Is My Promise To You:

  • I PROMISE to to walk you step-by-step and show you how to setup a proper Bing Ads traffic funnel that will generate consistent traffic and conversion for your business. I also promise that following my step-by-step teachings means that you never have to worry about how you're going to generate traffic for your business ever again.


Here's What You Get In The "BING ADS MASTERY BY OwnPPC"

the entire training ensure you're always using and applying the --SIM-- method

Module One - Quick Setup Overview

  • Lesson 1 - Signing Up For A Bing Ads Account: This is just a short video taking you through the process of setting up a brand new Bing Ads advertising account.
  • Lesson 2 - Landing Page Guidelines: Before you even think about sending traffic to your landing page, you need to make sure that you landing page fully complies with Bing Ads landing page quality guidelines. Not only will I show you, but I will also walk you through making your landing page compliant with Bing's latest policy updates.
  • Lesson 3 - Campaign Setup: In this lesson I will hold your hand and by step-by-step show you how to setup your campaign perfectly now that you have a compliant landing to go along with it.
  • Lesson 4 - How To Bid On Keywords: I will show you the art of bidding on keywords. There is actually a system behind it. You will learn things like
  • What you should always start your bids at
  • How Often should increase or decrease your bids
  • What Increments should increase or decrease your keywords by
  • How long you should wait every time you modify the bids before you can make another tweak to your keywords
  • Lesson 5 - How To Be Extremely Keyword Specific: Many advertisers who deplete their budgets quickly with PPC traffic without anything to show for it are those who blindly bid on keywords that do not produce results. Sometimes the keyword that you think will do the best is usually the keyword that performs the worst and cost you the most in useless traffic. In this lesson, I am going to walk you through the process of choosing super laser focused keywords that only produce results for you.

Module Two - Choosing The Right Keywords

  • Lesson 1 - Many advertisers who deplete their budgets quickly with PPC traffic without anything to show for it are those who blindly bid on keywords that do not produce results. Sometimes the keyword that you think will do the best is usually the keyword that performs the worst and cost you the most in useless traffic. In this lesson, I am going to walk you through the process of choosing super laser focused keywords that only produce results for you.

Module Three - Writing Ad Copy That Generates Sales

  • Lesson 1 - Writing Ads That Get Results In Cash: Many advertisers who deplete their budgets quickly with PPC traffic without anything to show for it are those who blindly bid on keywords that do not produce results. Sometimes the keyword that you think will do the best is usually the keyword that performs the worst and cost you the most in useless traffic. In this lesson, I am going to walk you through the process of choosing super laser focused keywords that only produce results for you.

Module Four - Conversion & Sales Tracking

  • Lesson 1 - Metrics are the most vital aspect of any strong marketing plan. You need numbers. If you do not know your numbers then mind as well give up now ! Numbers help you dictate your next move of expansion towards your brand and sales volume. What is more important is understanding and knowing what the numbers mean and how to use them to your advantage. I will show you exactly how I track where all my leads are coming from. This includes tracking the traffic source, the keyword, the ad, etc.. And I will also show you how to track exactly which keyword produced the sale for you. This way you can capitalize on the keywords that are getting you the sales.

Module Five - Tweaking & Monetization

  • Part 1 Lesson 1 - In this module, we dig deep as I take you inside my campaign that has been running for about 3-4 weeks. After almost 30 days of traffic and collecting data, I will reveal to you exactly how I study that data, so that I can make better advertising decisions that will help me:
  • Decrease Ad Costs
  • Increase Traffic
  • Increase My Lead Conversions
  • Increase Daily Average Sales Volume

Tweaking & Monetization Strategies You Will Learn About Are:

  • Part 2 Lesson 1 - Evaluating Data & Analytics
  • Part 2 Lesson 2 - Tweaking Campaign Keywords
  • Part 2 Lesson 3 - Tweaking Campaign Ads
  • Part 2 Lesson 4 - Tweaking Campaign Keyword Variation (Different Animal Altogether)
  • Part 2 Lesson 5 - "BONUS LESSON": Tracking & Evaluating Sales Through Email

Gotta Have Some Bonuses...

The Bonuses I Got For You Will Blow You Away

From Traffic Expansion To Becoming The Next Social Media Celebrity...


Module 6 - Cut Ad Costs Up To 80%+ While Maintaining Traffic and Conversion Volume 😉

  • Lesson 1 - Most PPC campaigns under any platform always get a ton of traffic from several keywords that produces no results. These keywords are NOT keywords that you bid on so you cannot see them; rather they are an extension of the keywords you have chosen. Knowing where to find these keywords and completely eliminating your campaign from getting traffic from them will dramatically improve your overall performance and cut your ad costs dramatically. In this BONUS module I will show you a simple formula "which by the way Bing encourages" that cuts your ad spend by up to 80% while maintaining the same level of traffic, leads, and sales you generate. This one simple hack saved me thousands per month on my ad spend.



Remarketing Training - Bing Ads Newest Targeting Platform

  • Double Or Triple Your Traffic Power
  • Re-engage With Your Existing Visitors
  • Target Your Existing Visitors Through Broader Keyword Searches You Normally Would Never Bid On
  • Pay Wholesale Pricing On Very Broad General Keywords That Normally Cost $10/click. Your Cost Is Less Than 80% of That !!!
  • Learn It All In This Training & Much More...


Here's What You Get In The "Facebook™ Ads Training For Beginners"

Here's What You'll Learn

($497.00 Value. Free With OwnPPC)

  • How to get to 10K Fans in 3 days. 100% Guaranteed. (Trained by Kim Walsh Phillips. She worked with big brands like Kevin O'Leary from Shark Tank). This is great for social proof. Let's face it; we all look at how many other are following a specific public figure, business, or celebrity etc.. And we both know this will make a difference in your bottom line. So let me help you take advantage of it.
  • How to figure out who your target audience are on Facebook™. (Trained by Dominate Web Media)
  • How to strategically scale your budget without disrupting your conversions. (Trained by Dominate Web Media)
  • How to write and test different ads and ad images for maximum impact. (Trained by Dominate Web Media)
  • How to use this one Hack to get more engagements, comment, and social proof on Facebook™. (Trained by Dominate Web Media)

After 4 months since the announcement I made about this training; I have been hard at work creating this training.

This Facebook™ ads training is more than just a training, rather... its a step-by-step walkthrough blueprint of exactly HOW to setup a proper, high converting, profitable Facebook™ ads campaign.

And this can work for any business, product, service, and in any niche or industry you're in... It's not tailored to YWTA customers only.

If you want direct access to a blueprint used by Dominate Web Media ad agency who manage big accounts like Frank Kern's and Ryan Deiss from digital marketer, plus... if you want "ear to mouth like"--- knowledge from my Facebook™ account manager; then this training will shock you. It's 100% different from what ever other so called expert has taught you.

How Will This Training Benefit Your Email/Solo Traffic Agency?

  • Gain instant exposure to a new target audience for your traffic agency business.
  • Access to attaining additional clients from Facebook™ into your traffic agency. (This is an untapped market with this type of business).
  • Knowing your exact target audience on Facebook™ and targeting them to becoming customers of your traffic agency business.
  • Gain insights from the greatest minds in the world on Facebook™ advertising which are the guys at Dominate Web Media. I was trained by them and I am here to pass these insights on to you.

I Am Facebook Certified By Dominate Web Media

This site and training is not a part of the Facebook™ website or Facebook™ Inc. Additionally, this site and training is NOT endorsed by Facebook™ in any way. FACEBOOK™ is a trademark of FACEBOOK™, Inc.

Keith Krance

Kim Walsh Phillips

Kevin O'Leary From Shark Tank & Dragon's Den

What Our Customers Have to Say

  • Every single person who begins a life journey into internet marketing always reaches the grand finale which is a monstrous and sometimes insurmountable; how to get traffic and truly quality traffic which converts into sales. People actually cry in their homes and for even years one can make not a single cent on the entire enterprise yet paying huge amount of money unconsciously from total try and error. Bing ads has come to stay and like Mike is saying it is truly one of the best, so if you don't want to be disappointed for a long time without sales and an empty cheque, let Mike show you the straight, shortest and the most profitable return on investment you can ever have. I have been on the net since 2003 and I know exactly what I am saying, this man rocks beyond the Rockies.
    Isaac Dominion Amoako Isaac Dominion Amoako
  • There are plenty of ebooks, membership sites, and courses of all types on the market that claim to be able to help you profit with pay per click advertising. However, I honestly haven't come across one as good as Michael Bashi's OwnPPC training. Most of the other ppc training online focuses on Google Adwords mostly and seldom mentions the other ppc networks like Bing Ads. Plus, most of the information that they do provide is usually outdated, has no support, or just don’t give you any kind of solid strategy that will produce results. Michael Bashi's OwnPPC on the other hand is a membership site that gives you all of these features and more. So if you want some quality ppc training that produces quality results. I highly recommend that you try Michael Bashi's OwnPPC training today!
    Marso Ross Marso Ross
  • Hey Mike I want to honestly thank you so much for all the hard work, sacrifice and dedication you have put into my online success. Often I think to myself how much longer it would have taken me to find the truth about creating passive income online if I didn't decide to put my trust in you. I was lost, didn't know where to start, until you made it all clear, step by step. My family owes you. Thanks!
    Paul Shakuri Paul Shakuri FillQuick Inc
  • Hey Mike. I wanted to take this chance to express sincere thank you for your wonderful product. I studied your training program for a few days and then I setup 2 campaigns. I made a sale within one week. I never even considered asking for a refund. The product has paid for itself over and over again. I am now considered an expert by many in my niche. I make sales on a daily basis, and i have build a website and now also a new Facebook page relating to that niche. Thank you so much Mike.
    Ernie Waldner Ernie Waldner

Instant Traffic and 2 Sales In About 15 Minutes. Watch Footage For Proof

*The stated results of our clients are not typical results. Please review our Disclosure before purchasing this training.

TOTAL value for the full Bing Ads Mastery And Facebook™ Ads Training In Which You Will Receive Instant Access To:

  • Module 1 - Detailed Campaign Setup - $97.00
  • Module 2 - Choosing The Right Keywords - $67.00
  • Module 3 - Ad Writing That Gets Results - $67.00
  • Module 4 - Conversion and Sales Tracking - $67.00
  • Module 5 - Tweaking and Monetizing - $67.00 value
  • Bonus #1 - Cutting Ad Costs Up To 80%+ - $197.00 value
  • Bonus #2 - Remarketing Training - Bing Ads Newest Targeting Platform - $197 value
  • Bonus #3 - "Facebook™ Ads Training For Beginners" - $497 value
  • 24/7 support for life + Live Chat (coming soon) - $79/year value
  • Lifetimes Membership + 1 Year Of Major Bing Ads Updates Included. ($97/year) value

Total Value = $1,432.00

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YES Mike! I'll Upgrade To Bing Ads Mastery & Facebook™ Ads Training For $497

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is OwnPPC a monthly recurring payment?

Absolutely NOT. You either make ONE full payment of $1,432.00 $497 OR if you decide to go with payment plan, you make a total of 6 payments of $97 separated 30 days apart.. So with the payment plan, you make your first payment of $97 upon enrolment, then 5 additional payments of $97 each separated 30 days apart for 5 months.

Also you get 1 year of priority support and upgrades to the training. After the 1 year is up. You still get to keep the training however you won’t be eligible fo any updates unless your renew for $79.

So $79/year ensures you get all training updates, upgrades, and all new tests, and traffic methods we run to enhance the training always. You also get priority support with much faster response times.

I already own an online business - why would I need OwnPPC ?

OwnPPC helps scale your business by driving more traffic to your online business. OwnPPC, helps increase your overall traffic, leads, and new customer sales.

Are the training videos easy to follow and when do I get access to them?

The training section in the members area is an in-depth completely detailed step-by-step process where you are never left wondering or having to figure anything out on your own.

And if for whatever reason you are stuck, then you are an email away from getting the support you need. I like to think my team is the best at support. If you’re an existing customer of a different program then you know exactly what I am talking about.

You get access to the entire training right away whether you make the full payment or take the payment plan.

Are there any OTO's or up-sells? If so, can you tell me how much they cost? Can these be purchased at a later date?

There are absolutely 100% no up-sells, down-sells or hidden fees. Either you make one full payment of $1,432 $497 and be done with it, or go on a payment plan and make 6 payments of $97 separated 30 days apart.

Bing Ads Mastery and Facebook™ Ads training are the most advanced training we have to date which means there are no other upgrades after this.

Do you provide support if I get stuck?

Of course. You have full support and direct access to OurSupportHub.com. We are available 7 days a week. We do take longer to reply on weekends.

Can't Forget About Support...

You Get Our Full Attention And Support

Lifetime Customer Care Support

  • You get 24/7 support for life
  • Live Chat COMING SOON: We're looking into adding live chat support as well for you to get access to me or my staff right away. This is a feature that is coming soon once we find the right service to use.

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Direct email: mike@ownppc.com

Would love to have you on board and can't wait to serve you and help you. I know the SIM method will do you a solid.. I can assure you that!

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